The best recommendation at this current time is to sit in front of a painting and relax, take any category Art-sci, Sci-art, Karma Of Our Times (KOOT), Hyper Dimensional Character
Analyses (HDCA) or a Dreamscape.
Sit back, indulge your mind and stretch your consciousness to allow. To allow this world to reach you. welcome to our world, welcome to the change. share the welcome, breath in deep and extend your roots ground out inside the moment.
You are part of this existence.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In January of this year,
Al Kapuler's paintings were hanging in Fireworks, these photos are a glimpse of that show.

Written (and thought up) April 20 (and 19th, 1030pm) 2010 1:30am after (and during) music at Fireworks Restaurant & Bar.
Always Monday nights usually Open Mic, tonight was a band from San Fransisco. Judgment Day...string metal!
These are my thoughts,

With each pluck of a cord
the vibration

the reverberation
of string to board.
creating a climax
climbing higher and higher like the tallest peak, not knowing when to stop.
And I just stand there with mouth agape, my nerves alight
cause I know it's amazing if all I can do is stand and stare.
My ears awake
my feet not sure what to do in this state.
The music digs in deeper still
No ringing now
just the remembrance of the skill.

They are really quite incredible I encourage everyone to look them up, and also check out for a great Corvallis restaurant.

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